Ginger Zombie

The world demanded it, and we delivered: A Ginger Zombie.  For the first time, a Red-Headed Wonder has joined our cause.  We don't know if this will spark an international frenzy or not, but frankly, we don't care.  We acknowledge there are differences of opinions when it comes to the ginger folk, but we at the ZOA don't see in Black and White... and Red.  We see in Green... and Food.  And this particular new Greenie is my own flesh and blood... and guts: Cousin Linsey.  Unfortunately, during the "change," her back took a turn for the worse.  Luckily, our kind don't so much feel pain.  Our quest to acquire the minds of others supersedes that of mere mortal pain, so I'm sure she won't mind too much.


  1. I love your art :) I regret discovering your blog a little too late :3
    Inspiring.. :D

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