I know i just posted like a minute ago, but i figured that i may as well post these since i am still up. these are from work. my boss was out sick and i was between assignments so i did a bunch of samples and had a lot of fun doing them. anyway, i hope you like them for i had a lot of fun doing them.

Strangest Thing

This is the result of my wife going to sleep before me. I lied awake last night for 2 hours before i fell asleep and had crazy dreams about being infected with "rage" from 28 days later, but for some reason it acted slower in me than most, so i was with my wife and my brother and his wife for my few remaining human hours and then coughed. seeing it as a sign, i was left alone to wander the vacated BYU campus until i found someone, whom i asked to take my life... so hopefully i can forgo the staring at the ceiling session and get right into the good stuff. anyway...


Environments for the project

As stated in the title, these are the environments for my little story. the story is about robots who endlessly mine for oil until one of the robots finds a new place, where the aura of the place replaces the need for oil. but as too many come over, the source begins to run out.... yes, it there are some social/political undertones, but most stories have them. maybe not as blatantly obvious as this one, but they exist.

Robot Robot Robot

These are some designs I did for on my classes. Most of the Russian is ok... i did take liberties with one and you can call me out on it, tell if it's wrong, or if i did just fine. i would prefer the latter.....