Artie Abrams

What started out as joke, turned into something even better: science.  How is that better?  Let me tell you.  A group of us zombies were sitting around, digesting yet another fantastic meal and watching the latest episode of "Glee," when Zombraham asked Zombama if a person in a wheel chair were to be zombified, would they regain use of their legs.  I then made a clever comment about a drumstick and a gut slushee, and suddenly everyone was hungry again.  But the thought still remained: would a person in a wheelchair be able to walk...?  Well, we decided to find out.  We sought out Artie Abrams and had a glorious dessert, and we waited for our question to be answered.  He finally awoke, and to our surprise, he did not regain control of his legs... and even more disturbing, he lost control of one of his arms...  Now, he just spins in circles, trying to sing.  We do apologize to all of you "Glee" fans, but the way this season is going, we may have done you a favor...