Long Time...

I've been busy working on short film of mine. Anyway, here's a design for the character in it. He probably will be simplified a little more, and I am still working with the treatment. Anyway, enjoy.



So, I did these for a gig I didn't get, so I thought I would post them.


Lens Flares!

I went on a wonderful Man-Date the other night with Jake and Anthony (if you haven't, you should DEFINITELY check out their blogs) and we saw the new Star Trek movie. In the movie, J.J. Abrams uses lens flares like they are going out of style, and I LOVE it. Hence, the reason I used it here. Historically, I found the Lens Flare incredibly cheesy, but Mr. Abrams (whom I would follow into the depths of Hell, for LOST and for LOST alone) made them look so freaking awesome. I can't claim that my usage is anywhere near as cool as his, but there it is. Looking for reference, I found a lot of websites/bloggers that did not enjoy the Star Trek lens flare. They're entitled to their opinions, but their opinions are WRONG. If you haven't seen Star Trek yet, go and see it. It's even in the dollar theatre now.



So the last post was supposed to be the background for this dude, but I changed my mind. Anyway, this guy now has a gun. Doesn't every man in space need a gun?


Environment Sketch

A sketch of a desert rocky terrain. Just trying to work out some color stuff. I hope you enjoy.



This is some progress of a space man. I will put in a background later on, and maybe some finishing touches.


this is also something i did for work. obviously the title is still up in the air, and i will post it again when that is all settled...

these are some characters i did for work.


A Lair...?

the light source is definitely missing because, well, it hasn't been drawn yet....


Flash Game

So my wife notified me i hadn't posted in a while. Anyway, these are some images from a flash game. It's supposed to take place in Biblical times and such.