These are some animals I did for my character design class. i didn't color the rhino because he really just didn't deserve it. the bear on the other hand was a good bloke fairly and got privileged accordingly.


Моя Семья (My Family)

This post is all about my family. Yep, as mentioned, there are 3 of us (me, my wife Corie, and also a dog Yvonne). My wife and i have disagreements as to how we should spell the dog's name. We always do call her "Evee," but i think it can be short for "Yvonne." I mean, we get Hank from Henry, Jim from James, Jeff from Jeffrey, etc. and they are all so radically different. Anyway, these here are pics of our small little familia.


My First Post

This is my first post. people have been calling me, writing me, standing outside my window with knives begging me to finally start a blog. and let me tell you, the things you will consent to when you have 6 inch blade held to your throat... anyway, here it is in its splendor and glory. if you don't like it, please, keep the knives sheathed...
Anyway, since this is my first post, i'm going to be putting a lot of pics up.

This is a caricature of Jim Halpert from the all too awesome Office

These are some sketches for a personal project I am developing.

This is a monkey and an iguana I did for a school project.

A turtle...