Dium Dium

Pronounced "jum jum," is from the water planet Budgitkis. Dium Dium developed a taste for Soda on Earth while posing as the Lochness Monster after losing a bet to his friends. So addicted was he to the soda, that he ripped off his flipper arms and attached these hideous furry ones in order to captain a school ship that regularly visits Earth. The Ships abducts humans in order to teach anatomy and physiology... conveniantly, the Human usually works for a major soda company.

I still need to figure some stuff out painting wise, but figured i would post it anyway.


Ruby Bridges

this is the story of Ruby Bridges (click here if you don't know who she is). she was pretty remarkable. everyday for a year people would picket against her. it's disappointing to think people can act this way.


buildings... FROM THE FRIGGIN FUTURE!!!!

these are just some doodles of mine while my wife has been studying... i know, it's friggin summer. and i couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash on the stupid camera, so some of the black is reflecting a bit. stupid.


George Clooney

Attack of the Cloons Special Edition. but instead of making it worse, i kinda made it better... and it won't be released in theatres.... and it won't be the only available copy until there's an uproar and i have to bring back the old ones for release on DVD... and soon bluray....