Ok, it was the Ogre

ok, so i really wasn't beat up by a group of hooligans... IT WAS THIS OGRE.... AGAIN!!!! this time in more detail and a more brutal ax/ battle wedge. It was scary, but the ax only nipped my forehead. and this could use a little more time, but i'm pretty done with it.


Not funny

This is what happens when you think you're funny and tell a group of kids to stop smoking at the mall.... let's just say i wasn't hating my insurance company yesterday...



so technically the bears (no not the Chicago...) come back when she is sleeping on their beds, but if i know bears, and i would like to think that i do, they would be a bit more upset if they came back whilst she was sampling their porridge... this girl had it coming and i want her to receive the full blunt of it...

no excuses...

no mercy...


3 Little Hogs

ok, they're not hogs, but they could be. but that's not even the question that needs to be answered here. the question that does is, is the lil hog who's building the house upset because his brothers are A) playing around while he is working, B) they're playing really awful music or C) he has to wear ridiculous, yellow over-alls? you tell me.