so technically the bears (no not the Chicago...) come back when she is sleeping on their beds, but if i know bears, and i would like to think that i do, they would be a bit more upset if they came back whilst she was sampling their porridge... this girl had it coming and i want her to receive the full blunt of it...

no excuses...

no mercy...


  1. Are these for work or are you just exploring old nursery rhymes for fun?

    Also. You're terrifying. Remind me never ever ever to eat your porridge.

  2. go bears. freaking wreck that girl.

  3. jajaja, this reminds me of something i read about "jack and the magic beans" ; This lady was against nursery rhymes and said: Do we want to teach our children that cannibalism is an acceptable practice? --- people, think about it ;)

    ANyways, may i say that your drawings are freaking kool!