Not funny

This is what happens when you think you're funny and tell a group of kids to stop smoking at the mall.... let's just say i wasn't hating my insurance company yesterday...


  1. Is this where all those sort of gruesome story ideas are branching out from?

  2. Ewwwww.
    I don't believe it, Big T. You could school any group of dumb, druggie kids any day of the week! There's no way you'd let them beat you up.

    btw - thanks for handling the meeting yesterday! Would you mind posting a review of what happened on the blog so that everyone else can know too?

  3. Those are some nice photoshop skills brotha. I almost fell victim to your horrendous lie. Nice work!

  4. it's not a lie. minus the fact that it was i, not some punk kids, who beat him up. lesson learned.