So i was walking around the other day and saw this ogre. i thought i had seen him before, so i confronted him and asked, "Excuse Mr. Ogre Sir, have we met before?" He replied, " Gargle gargle gargle gargle... gargle, gargle-gargle..." i then recalled that the ogre i had previously encountered wore his strap on the opposite shoulder and concluded that this was indeed a different one. an unfortunate mistake, seeing as how our conversation resulted in an axe fight that i ultimately lost. i did however have enough time to complete this digital sketch before he left with my right arm... i shall miss that arm....


  1. well, at least he didn't take your drawing arm--or did he? I can never tell by the way you draw.

  2. I'm not sure which is more amusing, your tale or your sketch. Probably the tale. The sketch is more on the impressive side. Ron has paid a lotta bucks for books with much poorer illustrations of ogres and the like.