George Clooney

Attack of the Cloons Special Edition. but instead of making it worse, i kinda made it better... and it won't be released in theatres.... and it won't be the only available copy until there's an uproar and i have to bring back the old ones for release on DVD... and soon bluray....


  1. Man, the rate of your progress is nothing short of scary. Are you just PAINTING ALL DAY? Have you been drinking after Kory Hubbell or something?


    Through with you people.

  2. actually yeah, i have been painting quite a bit... but i don't think you should be through with me, because we all know... i could never quit you...

    and i think the grammar was ok this time.

  3. Wow. Something snapped in your brain and you improved 100 fold. Kind of like that phenomenon movie, where John Travolta gets hit with some cosmic thingy and is a genius all of a sudden. You aren't going to die of a tumor in a month, are you? It would be devastating.

  4. Whoa, dude... Did you redo these at work? I have to agree with the previous comments. Rad, man!