Environments for the project

As stated in the title, these are the environments for my little story. the story is about robots who endlessly mine for oil until one of the robots finds a new place, where the aura of the place replaces the need for oil. but as too many come over, the source begins to run out.... yes, it there are some social/political undertones, but most stories have them. maybe not as blatantly obvious as this one, but they exist.


  1. i really like the one on the bottom, nice contrast. you're painting is improving sir.

  2. Your robots are pretty bitchin'. Just so you know. Okay, environments. The two on the bottom have the best composition and I think communicate most effectively. Good work.

  3. Nice bots! The environments get fuzzy in places...but you remember the critique from class. One thing that I didn't get to say is that you could really help your designs by putting another element in to indicate scale. How big are these bots? Without something to tell me, I (erroneously?) assumed they were roughly the size of a human. :P